Dates & Facts

Nabertherm Group
Headquarters: Nabertherm GmbH
Core Business: Furnace manufacturing, custom-made, innovate solutions for thermal processes
Foundation/Ownership: 1947, family-owned
Turnover: 60 Mio EUR
Employees: 500
Customers: 150.000 world-wide
Group Companies: Hermes
Sales Organisation:

Nabertherm Ltd. (Shanghai)
Nabertherm SARL, France
Nabertherm Italia, Italy
Nabertherm Switzerland AG
Nabertherm Ltd., UK
Nabertherm Inc., USA
Nabertherm Ibérica, Spain
Nabertherm Benelux, The Netherlands

Other countries see world-wide sales

Head office: Lilienthal
Municipal court Walsrode, HRB 121582
Management: Managing Director: Timm Grotheer
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Martin Naber